Airhead progress update 🔧

Hello friends of Airhead,

For those of you who are short on time, here's your headline Airhead summary: spirits are high and all is moving in the right direction. With every day that passes, we overcome mini challenges and get more and more confidence in the date that we expect to commence distribution. Things are still looking good for 12th July!

Now, let’s dive into the details.


  • Production of the pins is now complete! Over 30,000 of these puppies have been made and are being sent down to our assembly house in Devon, UK, so the strap assembly can begin.
  • T1 samples of the strap headband arrived last week. They look good, with no further iterations required, so production is due to start this week. As soon as the first few thousand of these have been made, they will also be sent down to Devon so that we can get cracking with strap assembly.
  • The colours of the injection moulded plastics have been confirmed, and we’re in the process of finalising the AirSkin material colours. This will leave us with the three different colourways you decided between in the survey. Reminder here on Instagram (give us a follow!).
  • The remainder of the tooling is due to be completed by the end of the month (five remaining tools), so we’ll touch base then to share T0 samples of each of these parts.

The packaging has been finalised and it’s looking rather slick. It’s being produced using sustainably sourced cardboard, made by our British manufacturer, and has a biodegradable plant-based laminate coating to minimise our impact on the environment. Check out a sneaky peek of the design below. 

 What's next? 

  • Co-ordinate delivery of the strap components to Devon to enable strap assembly to get underway – this is a key step to ensure we hit 12th July – everything’s looking good so far!
  • Approve the remaining T0/T1/T2 samples of the injection moulded parts, so full production can begin.
  • Finalise and approve the AirSkin pre-production prototypes (inc. colour approvals), which will all happen in the next 2-3 weeks. Once approved, we’ll kick off full production.
  • Finalise the pre-production filter samples over the next two weeks, before we press go on the creation of 50,000 more. All of the filter material has now arrived at our welder’s production site, so we’re in a great position here.
  • Make final adjustments to the exhalation valve blockers, specifically the adhesive layer and the thickness, to ensure they are both breathable and durable. The lead time for production is only 10 days which gives us time to complete the development.

That's all for today - not too long now! Any questions, feel free to give us shout.

Until next time,

The Airhead team