Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Important information about our product

We always want to be precise and honest with our community. Masks cannot provide 100% protection against a virus, but they can reduce the risk of transmission. Virus particles are tiny and can theoretically pass through a respirator filter, so a risk always remains. However, masks like ours are an effective means of capturing larger droplets from coughing and sneezing, which carry the virus inside them, in what are known as aerosols. This is a key transmission route of Covid-19. It's particularly beneficial when there’s an airtight seal, which ours has. We have designed the Airhead mask to meet the highest industry standards, which includes PM0.3 filters that meet and exceed FFP3 (N99) certification, above the FFP2 (N95) minimum standards recommended by the WHO.


In recent months, with the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) there has been a dramatic surge in the demand for face masks and respiratory protection. We’ve seen a fair amount of misleading information out there about what masks can and cannot do to protect people from the virus. We want to be as clear as we can and be honest about the benefits (and shortcomings) of wearing a mask, and in particular where ours differentiates itself.

Virus particles are hundreds of times smaller than bacteria, and are far too small for any mask to physically block in isolation. Viruses can also be transmitted through the eyes, which of course a mask does not protect against. Therefore, a risk always remains and no mask can provide complete protection.

How can a mask reduce the risk?

As we’ve mentioned, a key transmission route of Covid-19 is through droplets produced by coughing and sneezing, which contain aerosols (that contain virus particles within them). These aerosols are typically larger than 0.3 microns, which our PM0.3 filters are able to block and therefore can reduce the risk of transmission. It is particularly beneficial when the seal between the mask and your face is airtight. We have worked hard on this area and our seal is a key differentiator between the Airhead mask and most other masks available.
Another key method of transmission is when individuals touch their face following contact with the virus on their hands. Wearing a mask can also act as a preventative measure against face touching.

Some filters, including our own, do have proven antiviral properties, effectively deactivating virus particles that can become trapped, however the effectiveness of this against this particular Covid-19 strain has yet to be tested and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

Hygiene is critical when wearing a mask and therefore, if you believe you may have come into contact with the virus when wearing the mask, the filter should be replaced and the mask components thoroughly washed between uses. The Airhead mask has a modular design to make it easy for you to take it apart and clean it whenever necessary.

As we all navigate through this extraordinary time, we sincerely hope that you are well and adjusting positively to the situation. Together, we can get through this.