Does the Airhead Mask help to protect me from Covid-19?

We always want to be precise and honest with our community. No mask can provide 100% protection against a virus, but masks like the Airhead Mask can reduce the risk of transmission, by preventing the spread of droplets from coughing and sneezing. These droplets may carry the virus inside them, in what are known as aerosols. The Airhead Mask has a TPE seal, designed to provide an airtight fit and offer enhanced protection for both the wearer and others around them.

The Airhead Mask also comes with optional Exhalation Valve Blockers, to make it suitable for use as a Covid face covering in crowded places. These stickers are made from breathable meltblown filter media, to help prevent the spread of exhaled droplets through the valves.

Whilst the droplets containing virus particles are large enough to be stopped by Airhead Filters, which are capable of blocking particles down to PM0.3 (0.3 microns in diameter), it is important to note that virus particles themselves are tiny, and can theoretically pass through a respirator filter, so a risk always remains.

Hygiene is critical when wearing any mask and therefore, if you believe you may have come into contact with the virus when wearing the mask, the filter should be replaced and the mask components thoroughly washed between uses. Unlike most other masks, the Airhead Mask has a modular design to make it very easy for you to take it apart and clean.